The Catalyst Proposal:

Ledger and Cardano cross-communication and community back-up


Product features and Project Management

ADA send/receive support on Ledger Live desktop and mobile applications

ADA staking on Ledger Live desktop and mobile applications

All development work will be made by an experienced development team Strica. The company behind &

Dedicated Project Management and high-end support provided by Ledger to ensure on-time and high-quality deliverables.

Marketing and communication

Joint communication to announce the new features upon delivery

Support page(s) and tutorial article(s)/video(s) on the Ledger website

„Ask me Anything“ session with Cardano and Ledger executives


Live Common: Add Cardano ADA send/receive/sync/stake

Live Desktop : Add Cardano UI/UX

Live Mobile : Add Cardano UI/UX


Phase 1 (Below details from Strica)

Scope: Send / Receive and Synch ADA accounts on Ledger Live Desktop and Ledger Live Mobile

Start date: January 2022

Duration: 2 months

Cost estimation: 75k USD



ADA send/receive

Send/Receive native assets including decimal support

Add message/memo to a transaction (CIP-0020)

The Ledger Live Desktop and Mobile app is open source, this integration and development will be open source and made available on Ledger’s GitHub.

We would like to propose using Cardanoscan/Typhonwallet’s proprietary backend as the indexer (backend) service. We have proved to be stable, correct, and fast service in the Cardano ecosystem. Our indexer backend system is developed from the ground up following the original Cardano ledger specs. This gives us full control of how we develop, maintain, and evolve the platform.

Please note the costs above mentioned are for Phase 1 only.

Future Development

Once the phase 1 is complete, other proposals will be submitted to Catalyst to discuss Phase 2 and 3

Phase 2 Scope: Staking of ADA, Catalyst Voting Support on Ledger Live Desktop and Ledger Live Mobile

Phase 3 Scope: DApp support on Ledger Live Discover? Staking Center Enhancements? NFT Enhancements?


We commit to supporting this initiative end-to-end by providing skilled internal resources for successful integration, as well as financial support to the Strica team in order for them to operate and maintain their back-end service for Ledger users.

Should it become required, Ledger also commits to providing internal resources to help modify the existing Cardano Nano application (currently developed and maintained by VacuumLabs), as well as expedite subsequent security audits.


Disclaimer: the grant will be fully allocated to fund the development process of Cardano Ledger Live Integration.

Ledger will cover all costs for a long term maintenance

Ledger will not financially benefit from the grant.

The Team


The Ledger team will provide technical and product experts to make sure this project gets integrated on time and with a high level of quality.

Arnaud Ulric : QA Engineer

Brian Scholving: Senior UI Designer

Gaetan Renaudeau : Ledger Live Tech Lead

Roman Beyon-Grataroli: Blockchain Product Owner

Additional resources will join the project as it gets closer to the release date, especially to include members of the marketing and communication team.

Strica (Cardanoscan & Typhon) – Execution

Strica is a software company focused on building Cardano blockchain solutions. Strica has a deep understanding of the Cardano protocol and has been actively providing critical feedback and bug reports to the cardano github repos. Strica is the company behind the leading explorer and

Cardano Ambassadors Guild

Guild members:

Felix Weber – Catalyst support, Consulting & Assessment

Felix is a highly engaged Catalyst Community member and Ambassador and helps this project to align with the Cardano & Catalyst Community and the Catalyst process.

Gean Brinker – Consulting & Assessment

Gean has been part of the Cardano Community since 2017 and has deep knowledge about Cardano. He is a SPO (Stake Pool Operator), Ambassador and Community Manager

Martin Lang – Technical support, Consulting & Assessment

Martin is a Linux Script/Tools developer for the Cardano SPO (StakePoolOperator) community. Feedback and testing for HW implementation, CIP (Cardano Improvement Proposals) editor, Cardano Pioneer Member.

Markus Gufler – Technical support, Consulting & Assessment

Markus has been involved in numerous projects in the Cardano ecosystem for over four years. He is a founding member of the cnTools suite and the operator of the TopologyUpdater service. Also Ambassador and Community Manager


This Proposal is based on an open-source integration of Ledger and therefore correctly based in the Challenge. We were not sure if the dApps & Integrations Challenge would not fit better to this proposal but we think that the open-source aspect of the proposal has more weight than its integrational part.


The Team is built by community members which have proven in the past that they have a profound knowledge of required skill sets and expertise to successfully execute this Proposal


As the process and progress of the Proposals execution will be publicly available on GitHub the auditing process can be done effectively and transparent

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