What we do?

We can help you with nearly everything

We advise others

Through our deep understanding and knowledge of blockchain technology, projects and community, we can help companies enter this world.

We translate texts

Most of the content in the Crypto is currently still in English, but since Crypto is meant to be for the whole world, we are translating the content into as many languages as possible.

We moderate channels

To ensure that an exchange in the official Cardano forum, for example, is possible without incident, many Ambassadors get involved as moderators.

We create fantastic tools

So that there are more applications for the community, some Ambassadors also create platforms, tools, wallets or blockchain viewers. Everything so that you can do more with the Cryptos.

We organise local meetups

Of course, cryptos are a currency of the Internet, however, a discussion, conference or exchange in the real world is still more valuable.

We create educational content

To be able to pass on the knowledge to others, many Ambassadors create content such as videos, tutorials or blogs.

Great Partner

The Ambassadors Guild is build on committment, Definitely a Great Partner & Community Contributor.
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